If you have a retail business or a company that serves a defined area, a Google My Business (GMB) page is a cost-free way to build brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.  Here’s why you might want to consider setting up a Google My Business page:

Google Search for restaurants near meGain Visibility Quickly

The number one reason to create a Google My Business page is traffic.  It’s a quick way to gain visibility in Google’s search results. If you have a unique retail business, you may be able to gain more traffic from “your business type…near me” searches and pop to the top of the results list.

For example, search for “restaurants near me.” Who’s at the top of the list? They most likely have a Google My Business page, and that’s why they rank. They probably also have a lot of reviews.


Create Credibility Through Google Reviews

Reviews are arguably the most import part of a GMB page. Increasing 5-star reviews is a fast way to gain credibility.  Think of your own experiences checking reviews online.  Potential customers are more likely to visit a business that has a 4.5-star rating based on 500 reviews than a small mom and pop that has a 5-star rating based on two reviews.

If you’re a mom and pop store, you can get 500 reviews, but you may need to proactively ask your best customers for a review.  The more reviews, the more credibility.  The more credibility, the more visibility.

If you don’t have many reviews, you could also send out a newsletter asking for reviews.  Or put a link to your review page on your business card.

Make Your Hours Accessible

Another great feature of a Google My Business page is the ability to list your hours and holidays.  For smartphone users, this is the easiest way to discover if a store or business is open. Rather than bury your opening hours at the bottom of your website, make your information immediately accessible via Google. It will pay off.

Make it Easy for Your Clients to Call

Adding a phone number to your business profile is crucial.  Smartphone users will have a nice big call icon they can tap in their search result and reach you immediately. Connecting customers with your business has never been easier.

Gain Free Valuable Insights

It’s a good idea to check your business profile at least once a month to review insights into how people are finding your listing. Google provides this information, including how many times your listing has come up in a map view or as a search view snippet.

Additionally, by checking out the GMB insights page you’ll be able to determine the search terms that people entered to find your business. These insights can help you find new ideas for content marketing efforts, or keywords that you may want to include on your website copy to drive even more traffic.

How Do I Get Started with a GMB Page?

Visit Google’s business features at google.com/business. But first, round up the most common information you’ll need to get started.

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Contact email address
  • High-quality pictures

As you are setting up your profile, Google will guide you through the process and recommend what information you’ll want to provide. By allowing Google to lead, hopefully great business results will follow.