What does your brand stand for? How can you convey that through everything you say and do? Our branding services help you create a consistent and positive conversation so you can build a reputation that’s both well known and well loved.

  • Brand strategy & brand platform development

  • Brand positioning

  • Brand vision, mission & values

  • Brand voice development & voice guidelines

  • Naming

  • Logo & visual identity development

  • Amazon Product Launch

Brand Strategy, Positioning & Brand Platform Development

What does your brand stand for? Is that what you want it to stand for? A strong brand position and platform help you create a distinctive space in the market for your brand. A brand platform usually consists of a vision, mission, values, brand essence, positioning, brand pillars, values, and brand story—all strategically aligned to ensure you have the elements you need to earn the reputation you desire in the marketplace.

Don’t just be a brand that talks.
Be a brand that sings.

Brand Voice Development & Voice Guidelines

Strong brands not only know what they stand for, but the way they speak reflects it. If your brand stands for customer service, for example, it probably wouldn’t speak using complicated language filled with jargon and formality. Instead, maybe it’s friendly, inviting and conversational. Or maybe it’s empathetic, caring, and lighthearted. Whatever it is, it should be rooted in your brand positioning. Voice guidelines help you demonstrate how to create your brand voice and keep it consistent across all platforms and media, therefore allowing you to earn the brand reputation you desire.

Vision, Mission & Values

Why do you get up in the morning? What’s your purpose? That’s what your vision should answer. The grandest and most aspirational statement a company can make, a vision should inspire everyone at the company while your mission should answer how you’re going to achieve your vision at a high level. Short and succinct, a strong mission will give your vision the momentum it needs to be achieved.

Your values are your company’s deeply held principles and should guide every action. When correctly determined, they are far from bland ideals that reflect a minimum of behavioral and social standards, but rather a source of core distinctiveness

Logo & Visual Identity Development

Does your logo reflect your brand positioning in the most impactful way possible? Do all of your brand’s visual elements tell your brand story? Does your brand have a distinctive—and consistent—look and feel across all of your media platforms? We can help you answer yes to all of these questions.


If developed correctly, a name can be a strong marketing tool. Whether it’s a real word, a coined name, or a hybrid, our experience naming everything from North American tech companies to Swiss health products will ensure your name has a smart strategy and story behind it.