Paid Media (PPC)

Where should you advertise and what should you say? We can help you create a paid media strategy, write the content, or manage your paid advertising budgets and performance on a regular basis to ensure the best possible return on your paid advertising dollars.

  • Adwords

  • Facebook ads

  • LinkedIn

  • Bing

Google AdWords

First comes the keyword research. Then comes the copywriting that delivers the kind of campaigns that mean business. New business, that is. Through Google AdWords, you’ll discover a better way reach what could be your best customers.

Adwords, Bing and results that sing.

Facebook Ads and Business Manager

Need to reach cat loving accordion players? Have we got the platform for you. Facebook is the ultimate in niche-marketing media. And Facebook’s business manager is also the secret gateway to Instagram advertising success. Give us your target audience today and we’ll give you some ads so you can start A/B testing tomorrow.

LinkedIn Ads

Need to end your paid marketing effort with great business leads? Start with LinkedIn. The Facebook for execs, LinkedIn is a great place to target business owners and C-suites looking for business services. Micro targeting allows you to pinpoint your ads based on either location or career level.

It pays to pay.

Bing Ads

Is Bing better for your business? Our best-in-class analytics will answer that question.